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Vita-Bits “Canine Health Care products as a treat”
We, the creators of Vita-Bits, have been in the canine industry for over 25 years, with a history varying in breeding, competition, canine nutrition, and retail canine merchandise. In our years of experience we have worked with many breeds, many different feeds, and nutritional supplements. Through this experience we have learned a lot about what products, ingredients, and supplements actually work or don’t work and why.

What we found in the supplement industry is that many products were based on false claims and false advertising; as well as many packed with unnecessary fillers and even unhealthy and unrelated ingredients. On top of the false claims we found that most health care and supplemental products were either in the form of a pill, a tablet, or a powder. We all know how difficult it can be to give a dog a pill, and tablets and powders many dogs either do not like or lose interest in and will no longer eat or leave unfinished portions resulting in not taking in the correct amount of the supplement.
Feeds do not always have the correct nutritional balance as well as there are specific needs for certain supplements that do not exist in canine feed.

What we at Vita-Bits set out to do was create a form of canine health care products and supplements that actually work. We wanted to simplify ingredients so there were no fillers or unnecessary additives. We wanted products that targeted specific canine needs and products that supplemented feeds lacking in necessary nutritional values. We wanted products that were safe and enhanced the dog’s needs and quality of life. One of the most important of our wants was a product dogs actually liked, and not just liked, a product dogs LOVED. We wanted a product that dogs would go crazy over, so they were not being force fed a supplement, but were being rewarded with a nutritional treat.

We set out to create the perfect Canine Health Care products in the form of treats.

All of our products are safe and Natural, all of our products are made from human grade ingredients, all of our products are made in a USDA approved laboratory, and all of our products are made in the U.S.A.

There are no Canine Health Care products that compare to ours. Vita-Bits are not just what your dogs need, but what they love!

K9 Vita-Bits
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